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About Us

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Our Approach

Healthy, delicious food, always. If you can do it your self, do it. Take the time to smell the roses.

We are living, learning and hopefully teaching...

We encourage your questions, as well as your in put! We love seeing what you are posting, and trying to re-create dishes with our flair! Gardening is a way of life for us. Our happy place is in our yard. Flowers, herbs and Veggies growing is a sign that Spring has sprung and fresh dishes are ahead!

Our Story

A Kansas Girl, Dina, meets a Kentucky Guy, Bruce, & 31 years of marriage later, we are loving life, like we did when we first met at the University of Kansas. For years, we have heard from our friends, "I can't believe you made this!"....from food to furniture, Bruce and I have found our passion. So, this is it....a how to story to share with all of you. We want to share how to make food, build furniture, landscape, garden, and once in a while, mix a few drinks! Enjoy!