Heart Shaped Pizza

This is a simple how-to tutorial on how to take store bought, or homemade pizza dough to shape a heart shaped pizza.

When pizza is just about your favorite food, a heart shaped pizza is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! There was a time when there were no heart shaped anythings for Bruce and I. We decided from the start of our relationship that we were not going to celebrate Valentine’s day. We felt like every day was special. Then a few year’s ago, Bruce gave me a charm with a heart on it for a bracelet. That was the start of celebrating Valentine’s day. Not with roses or greeting cards, but with food. We made heart shaped cookies. He made strawberry topped cupcakes. And now….I make heart shaped pizzas.

You can use store bought pizza dough from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, or make your own. You know we love making our own dough the night before, and then making pizza’s at home is so easy! Here are 2 of our pizza dough recipes for you to try.


Give our homemade pizza dough recipes a try:


Cut a V out of top of pizza dough
Cut bottom of dough on either side to start to form the bottom of heart
Add pieces of dough to help form the point
Press dough pieces in
Crimp dough around edges
Gently adjust to make sure heart is shaped
The heart is ready for toppings!
Brush on garlic olive oil
Add Pizza Seasoning
Add shredded Parmesan
Dot some tomato sauce onto pizza
Top with a variety of Italian cured meats
Add olive tapenade & capers
Top red onions and fresh mozzarella
Add Spicy Italian!
Finish with grated mozzarella
Carefully slide pizza onto hot pizza stone in a 500 F degree oven
Sprinkle fresh arugula and Parmesan over top
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Hi, we are Bruce and Dina Miller. We love to cook every night. We enjoy making a few healthy dishes, and also comfort food. We love crafting cocktails too! Come take a look, we would love to share our recipes with you.

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