Tangerine Champagne Cocktail

What could be more refreshing on for New Yearโ€™s Eve than a champagne cocktail?

The art of the champagne cocktail is really quite simple. Choose your poison. Choose your favorite fruit flavor, & make sure you have the right amount of sweet & citrus. We love playing around with flavors.

What is the key is always go with either fresh fruit, or delicious jams or marmalade, never a pre-made mixer.

Lets ring in the New Year and New Decade with a tangerine champagne cocktail! Cheers! ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿพ

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Champagne Cocktail

Tangerine Champagne Cocktail

  • Author: theperksofbeingus


Years ago, I was at a dinner with Bruce and I ordered a pomegranate martini. When it arrived, I was so excited to see what the bartender had mixed up for me. Sadly, it tasted like cough syrup. I called the waiter over, and was told that the bartender used the finest of mixes.

Making simple syrups, using fresh fruit, and using jams and fresh citrus is always the way to go. This particular drink was made with an incredible marmalade from Zelos Greek artisanย 

Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan brings a premium Greek culinary experience to the USย while supporting small businessesย in Greece to grow and prosper.
The artisans and producers honor their craft with zฤ“los, the Greek word for zeal, great energy and enthusiasm. If you have not checked them out, please do so, as you will find the products delicious and the customer service to keep you coming back!

Now, let’s make a cocktail, shall we?




Mix the Cocktail

  • Add all but Champagne into a cocktail shaker
  • Shake vigorously with ice
  • Strain into Champagne glass

Top with Champagne and Garnish

  • Top with champagne
  • Garnish with candied lemon or orange slice


This makes enough for 1 cocktail, but feel free to use the scale button (how genius is that?) to make a pitcher of them for a brunch, party, or shower? ย Cheers!

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