About Us

This is Us…The Perks of Being Us….

Easy recipes with loads of flavor is what we are here to share! 

Our Approach

Cooking and cocktails are our passion. Despite a busy schedule, we use easy recipes and take a few moments to slow down, and sit at the table for dinner every night. Clearly weeknights are for simple healthy meals prepared with just a few ingredients. Simple salads, savory soups, and pasta dishes! Fancy cocktails show up along the way! Conversely, weekends are for Bruce to make some sourdough bread, cupcakes, or cookies, or cheesecake!

We are living, learning and hopefully teaching…our followers about the easy recipes!

We encourage your questions, as well as your in put!  While we love cooking, what we love more is seeing what you are posting! Undoubtably we get so much inspiration from all of our followers. Clearly, we would not be where we are in the blogging world, if it wasn’t for the love that you have shown us.


Let’s face it, Bruce is the ultimate baker. He is a mad scientist at measuring out the water and flour when he makes his famous sourdough bread. His cheese cakes are something to dream about. And everyones favorites are his cupcakes. Once in a while I pop into the kitchen to bake up a batch of molasses cookies or a peach galette. Bruce is full of good advice when it comes to baking. In fact, we were featured with his feature: “What are the common mistakes in baking that you need to avoid?” featured at Porch.com in: Ask the Pros: Expert Advice for Baking at Home

Our Story

A Kansas Girl, Dina, meets a Kentucky Guy, Bruce, & 34 years of marriage later, we are loving life, like we did when we first met at the University of Kansas. For years, we have heard from our friends, “I can’t believe you made this!”….from simple desserts to cocktails, to dinners…. Bruce and I have found our passion: Sharing our easy recipes!