Let’s Bake Bread!

We feel that if you are going to grab some carbs, then make them count. We will take you on a journey through some of our favorite bread recipes.

Bruce started his bread baking journey a few years ago, just before we travelled for a vacation to San Francisco. He birthed a sourdough starter and nursed it for weeks. The first loaves were pretty, but when we cut into one, it was not good. He threw the other loaf out into our woods for the birds to eat. We think he hit a squirrel and knocked him out.

Bruce doesn’t give up easily, so after tasting the incredible sourdough breads on vacation, he knew he had to step back up to the plate. And he did. It took a few bakes, but he mastered it.

That is something that you must remember, if you decide to try sourdough. The first few tries may fall flat. Literally but do not give up.

3 reasons to bake your own bread:

You can control what goes into it.

No preservatives are needed.

Baking bread can actually relieve stress, as it allows you to focus on something that is creative. 

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