13 Halloween Shot Recipes + Spooky Drinks

It is the time of year for Halloween shot recipes! We got together with a few of our cocktail making friends to bring your next Halloween party. SPOOKtacular HALLOWEEN DRINKS! Give a warm welcome to the best Halloween cocktails! Let’s kick this off with our Vampire Shots! A fun way to show off to your party guests at your next Halloween Party is to serve these vampire shots in prosecco or champagne. These bloody syringes are filled with raspberry jam that we made with fresh raspberries and sugar. If you are doing a themed party, a popular alternative to jello shots are these non-alcoholic raspberry syringes. It is a great way for both adults and kids to have fun. The kids can have the vampire shot in lemon-lime soda, and for the adults these are a great addition to a shot of vodka, or a flute of prosecco or champagne.


In the spirit of the season we bring you Lebanese liquor shots, breakfast Halloween shots and so many more!  These cocktails make the perfect addition to your ! We can’t wait to line up those shot glasses and pour up some fun this Halloween season! But why wait for Halloween! Let’s get this party started!

These drinks will be a huge hit! From a breakfast shot to a dessert shot with a creamy whipped cream topping!

You may not be able to choose, so set up a Halloween Shot Bar! Trick or treat has never looked better! Your party guests will love being greeted at the door with a festive shot on Halloween night!

Let’s talk apple shots! This craft cocktail is made with 3 different liquors, including our homemade apple cinnamon bourbon! We layer AmarettoKahlua, and the bourbon to create the most amazing flavor! You will need a tall shot glass for this shot. We add a cinnamon stick and whipped cream to the top of the shot. You can also add apple slices or even Halloween sprinkles.

These apple shots are a great after dinner dessert drink to serve. Apple cinnamon bourbon mingling with almond and coffee flavors create an amazing flavor! The addition of the whipped cream gives it creaminess! You can also add this to a cup of coffee!

We used spray whipped cream to top these apple shots off. The cinnamon sticks are scented with bourbon, as they are the ones that we used to make our apple cinnamon bourbon. A craft cocktail is such a fun drink to make! And if you don’t want to add bourbon, just use 1 ounce each of the amaretto and Kahlua, and add a sprinkle of cinnamon.

The hardest part will be which of these Halloween treats you will want to feature for the spooky season! We think one of these witches brew will become your new favorite. So put on a scary movie and lets get this party started!

Bloody Maria Shots from Toni at Boulder Locavore

What could be better than a Bloody Mary shot for Halloween? A Bloody MARIA shot, that’s what! These shot syringes are filled with Bloody Maria shots-a Bloody Mary made with tequila instead of vodka!

Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot from Ali at The Littlest Crumb

This creepy alien brain hemorrhage shot is the best Halloween shot recipe to serve to guests. Easy to make with only 4 ingredients: Peach Schnapps, Baileys, blue curaçao and grenadine.

Candy Corn Jello Shots from Lori at Foxes Love Lemons

With layers that look just like candy corn, these Halloween Jello Shots are sure to be a hit with all of the ADULT trick-or-treaters this year! And don’t forget the spooky spiders!

Boozy Halloween Fruit Snacks from Paige at Paige of Positivity

These Boozy Halloween Fruit Snacks are a fun and festive alternative to traditional Jell-O shots! The Halloween Jello Shots have a subtle alcohol flavor and only take 30 minutes to set, making them a more convenient option, too!

Skull Off: from Rhonda at The Margarita Mum

White as a Ghost: from Sara at White Kitchen Red Wine

Breakfast Shot: from Catherine at A Seasoned Greeting

Spooky Pomegranate Mezcal Cocktail from Meghan at Cake & Knife

A Spooky Pomegranate Mezcal Cocktail is how adults do Halloween, with serious flair. The smoky notes combined with tart pomegranate juice and smooth amaro make for the ideal bold cocktail.

Midori Halloween Margarita from Cari at Fat Girl Hedonist

This spooky cocktail is a perfect Halloween drink. Made with melon liqueur for the bright green color, edible shimmer for some sparkle, black salt and dry ice, this is the perfect drink for your adult halloween party

Blood Red Halloween Shots from Lisa at A Country Girls Life

Want to make some spooky, scary RED Halloween Jello Shots for your next soiree? Look no further than The Morticia Adams (of The Addams Family) blood red Jello shot!

Red Death Halloween Cocktail from Rachel at Craving some Creativity

With its spooky dark red hue and delicious, sweet flavor, the Red Death cocktail is a perfectly spooky Halloween cocktail recipe!



Dina and Bruce at the Golden Gate Bridge

Hi, we are Bruce and Dina Miller. We love to cook every night. We enjoy making a few healthy dishes, and also comfort food. We love crafting cocktails too! Come take a look, we would love to share our recipes with you.


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