Search our recipes to find something savory, something sweet, and maybe a cocktail too! We like to balance the week with dishes that start with vegetarian, and add salads, and soups, and end the week with indulgent pizza! We love adding in a few desserts here and there.

Tips on making food at home:

  • Always make up a weekly menu before you grocery shop.
  • Veggie drawer musts: Carrots, peppers, tomatoes, avocados.
  • Keep fresh parsley and cilantro fresh in fridge by placing in a jar of water.
  • Always have plenty of lemons, limes and oranges on hand!
  • Stock up on fresh spices including salt free blends.
  • Plan on one additional stop at the grocery store a week for fresh seafood.
  • Alternate your weekly menu with some vegetarian meals, and some that focus on protein.
  • Have a well stocked pantry that includes canned tomatoes, pasta, grains, vinegars, oils.
  • Freezer must haves: Chicken, salmon, beef, pork, frozen veggies, like peas, corn, and edamame
  • Keep a variety of fresh cheeses, including parmesan to freshly grate onto your food!
  • Buy good quality eggs, milk, yogurt and sour cream.

Bruce does the majority of the cooking, and baking. A few of these recipes are made by me, and you know how proud I am for making something that y’all love! One of the best things is hearing back from our followers about how much they enjoyed a recipe they tried that we posted on our site.

If you are just starting to cook, or if you just find yourself needing some life put into your menu, we hope to bring you some dishes that will have you eating at home more!

And be sure to check out the crafted cocktails that we have here at The Perks. We hope that you feel it is a PERK to visit our site.

Dina and Bruce~The Perks