The Top 25 Recipes for Espresso Cocktails in 2024

The Top 25 Recipes for Espresso Cocktails in 2024

In the world of mixology, few ingredients offer the depth and richness of Espresso Cocktails. Coffee lovers rejoice, for the fusion of coffee and spirits has birthed a delightful array of espresso cocktails that cater to every palate. From the classic Espresso Martini to innovative creations by home bartenders like the Hazelnut Espresso Martini , let’s take a journey through the landscape of espresso-infused cocktails curated by talented bloggers.

Espresso Martini: A Timeless Classic

The Espresso Martini stands tall as an iconic drink that effortlessly marries the boldness of espresso with the smoothness of vodka. One cannot discuss coffee cocktails without paying homage to this masterpiece. To craft the perfect Espresso Martini, start with a base spirit like vanilla vodka or even bourbon whiskey for a unique twist. Combine a shot of freshly made espresso, Kahlua coffee liqueur, and a splash of simple syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Shake vigorously and double strain into a chilled martini glass. The result? A sophisticated, caffeine-infused delight.

Café con Leche Martini: Espresso Vodka Cocktail


Gin Espresso Martini

By Ryan at Chisel & Fork

Who invented the Espresso Martini?

The Espresso Martini is attributed to the creativity of British bartender Dick Bradsell, who played a pivotal role in transforming the cocktail landscape of London during the 1980s. Legend has it that a patron, rumored to be a now-famous model, walked into Bradsell’s bar and requested a cocktail that would simultaneously wake them up and provide a strong kick. In response to this unconventional request, the Espresso Martini was born. Even today, this martini is frequently ordered as a post-dinner pick-me-up, continuing its legacy as a delightful and invigorating cocktail.

Bourbon and Vodka Espresso Martinis from Us!

Here are a couple of our favorite Espresso Martinis. The Salted Caramel Fireball Espresso Martini is made with our homemade Fireball Bourbon. The Hazelnut Espresso Martini is as simple cocktail that has a hint of hazelnut from the Frangelica in it. The martini glass edge is rolled in cocoa and crystal sugar to give an additional flavor while you sip it!

Salted Caramel Fireball Espresso Martini

Hazelnut Espresso Martini

Dalgona Coffee Cocktail
If you love an espresso martini, you must try this Dalgona Coffee Cocktail, with deliciously frothy whipped coffee topping over a vodka, Kahlua and cream cocktail.
Check out this recipe
Photo credit: Savored.Sips.Com
Dalgona Coffee Cocktail

Crafted Delights from Home Bartenders

The beauty of espresso cocktails lies in their versatility, encouraging creativity among home bartenders. A craft cocktail enthusiast might experiment with using white rum as the base spirit for an Espresso Martini, adding a subtle tropical twist to this classic drink.

Moreover, the infusion of cold brew into cocktail recipes opens doors to a smoother, less acidic experience. By utilizing a French press to extract the essence of coffee beans, mixologists can elevate their concoctions, creating a unique blend that tantalizes the taste buds.

Creamy Espresso Martini with Baileys

By Lisa Lotts at Garlic and Zest

Espresso Martinis with unique flavor profiles:

Peppermint Espresso Martinis

By Mary at Mary’s Whole Life

Dark Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini

Gingerbread Espresso Martini

By Olivia at Olivia’s Kitchen

Chocolate Espresso Martini Cocktail

By Bernice at Dish in the Kitchen

White Chocolate Espresso Martini

Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini

S’mores Martini ( SMoretini) - Worldly Treat
Put down the coffees and lattes, this S’mores Martini A.K.A Smoretini is guaranteed to blow your hair back. It ’s the liquid form of gourmet S’mores.
Check out this recipe
Photo credit: WorldlyTreat.Com
S’mores Martini ( SMoretini) - Worldly Treat

Mocktail & Vegan Espresso Cocktails

Creating espresso cocktails for guests who prefer mocktails or vegan options is easy. Start by brewing a robust espresso shot using high-quality coffee beans. For a mocktail, consider combining the espresso with non-alcoholic alternatives like coconut or almond milk, adding a touch of sweetness with flavored syrups or agave. For a vegan cocktail, explore plant-based spirits like vodka or coffee liqueurs, and mix them with dairy-free options.

Honey Lavender Latte Mocktail

By Danielle at Love From the Table

Espresso Martini Mocktail

By Elizabeth at Entirely Elizabeth

Creamy Vegan Eggnog Espresso Martini

By Debbye Jean from Ooh La La it’s Vegan

Unlocking the Flavors: Time for some Fun!

The emergence of the Viral TikTok parmesan espresso martini and espresso tonic represents a fascinating fusion of culinary contrasts. These 2 cocktails are compliments of Melissa from A Grateful Meal. The parmesan espresso martini, blending the savory richness of Parmesan cheese with the bitter kick of espresso, offers a uniquely complex flavor profile that intrigues adventurous palates. Similarly, the espresso tonic, combining the robustness of espresso with the effervescence of tonic water, creates a refreshing yet bold beverage that defies traditional expectations. These unconventional concoctions challenge the boundaries of taste, offering a surprising harmony between unexpected ingredients, inviting enthusiasts to savor the innovative and distinctive flavors.

Carajillo (How to Make the Classic Espresso Cocktail)
This carajillo recipe is a classic spanish coffee cocktail that makes a delicious after dinner drink and made with licor 43.
Check out this recipe
Photo credit: HappyHourHacks.Com
Carajillo (How to Make the Classic Espresso Cocktail)

Hot Espresso & Coffee Cocktails

While the allure of a chilled Espresso Martini is undeniable, don’t overlook the charm of hot espresso-based beverages. This Boozy Christmas Coffee is basically an adult peppermint mocha! Fun, festive, and extra merry with the addition of peppermint schnapps and Kahlua.This decadent Chocolate Covered Strawberry Coffee is perfect for those who prefer a mocktail. Recipes from Meredith at Our Love Language is Food

Amaretto Coffee
Indulge in the rich flavors of amaretto coffee. This Italian-inspired beverage combines coffee with amaretto liqueur, resulting in a luscious drink.
Check out this recipe
Photo credit: AimeeMars.Com
Amaretto Coffee
Baileys Affogato Coffee Cocktail | The Rustic Foodie®
This Baileys Affogato Coffee Cocktail puts a twist on a classic Italian ice cream dessert! It’s made with Irish Cream, whiskey, and espresso.
Check out this recipe
Photo credit: TheRusticFoodie.Com
Baileys Affogato Coffee Cocktail | The Rustic Foodie®
Chocolate Coffee Drink
Try this chocolate coffee drink to open up the Holiday season this year. This almost drinkable dessert will stimulate your senses.
Check out this recipe
Photo credit: JuliaRecipes.Com
Chocolate Coffee Drink
2 hazelnut espresso martinis with espresso beans

The Top 25 Recipes for Espresso Cocktails in 2024

Discover some awesome espresso cocktails for a chill time at home! From classic Espresso Martinis to cool variations, these recipes got your back. Simple ingredients, easy steps, and a whole lot of deliciousness. No need for a fancy bar – just grab your favorite coffee and spirits. Mix, sip, and enjoy! ☕🍹
Course: cocktails
Cuisine: American
Keyword: espresso, martini


  • Cafe Con Leche Martini
  • Gin Espresso Martini
  • Salted Caramel Fireball Espresso Martini
  • Hazelnut Espresso Martini
  • Dalgona Coffee Cocktail
  • Creamy Espresso Martini with Baileys
  • Tequila Espresso Martini
  • Peppermint Espresso Martini
  • Dark Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini
  • Gingerbread Espresso Martini
  • Chocolate Espresso Martini
  • White Chocolate Espresso Martini
  • Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini
  • S'mores Martini
  • Honey Lavender Latte Mocktail
  • Espresso Martini Mocktail
  • Creamy Vegan Eggnog Espresso Martini
  • Viral TikTok Parmesan Espresso Martini
  • Espresso Tonic
  • Carajillo
  • Boozy Christmas Coffee
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry Coffee
  • Amaretto Coffee
  • Baileys Affogato Coffee Cocktail
  • Chocolate Coffee Drink
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Final Thoughts: Indulge in the Fusion of Coffee and Spirits

The marriage of coffee and cocktails is a match made in mixology heaven. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a true Espresso Martini or the innovation of a cold brew-infused creation, the world of espresso cocktails is boundless. Embrace the diversity, experiment with flavors, and savor every sip of these crafted delights.

For the coffee lover and cocktail enthusiast alike, exploring the endless possibilities of espresso cocktails is the best part—an exciting journey into the fusion of two beloved beverages. So grab your cocktail shaker, fire up your espresso machine, and embark on a delicious adventure through the cool and captivating realm of coffee-infused libations. Cheers to the perfect blend of craft, flavor, and the pure joy of sipping a well-made espresso cocktail!

Dina and Bruce at the Golden Gate Bridge

Hi, we are Bruce and Dina Miller. We love to cook every night. We enjoy making a few healthy dishes, and also comfort food. We love crafting cocktails too! Come take a look, we would love to share our recipes with you.


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