Homemade Fireball Bourbon

Recently, at the liquor store I asked where the Fireball was. We know this manager quite well, and he looked at me funny, and said, you know this is not really whiskey. I realized then that making our own fireball bourbon was something that needed to happen. Having used red hot candies in some of our hot apple cider drinks, I knew it was gonna be so easy, and so much better tasting. 

I grabbed a bottle of bourbon, and of course I knew we had red hots at home. Make as much or as little as you want. The kind of red hot candies I use are the small buttons that come in the baking section near the sprinkles. I always have these on hand in the spice cabinet as every holiday season I would use them for hot cinnamon cider.

Oh, and I am just gonna be honest with you, using Bourbon vs Whiskey is the way to go. All bourbon is at least 80 proof. So, this will be shelf stable. This means no need to refrigerate! These make the MOST PERFECT gift!  

I imagine some may just want to do a shot of this Fireball bourbon, and we are here for that! However, we thought you might like to try one of our signature cocktails, made with our pink peppercorn apple simple syrup. You can also just add a shot of it to gingerale or coke. A popular drink is Fireball and cream soda! 


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fireball bourbon and redhots

Homemade Fireball Bourbon


Units Scale
  • 1 750 ml of bourbon
  • 6 ounces of red hot candies (3/4 cup)


Place the red hot candies in a large jar, and pour the bourbon over them. Seal jar, and allow to sit overnight. The candies will melt, and give the bourbon a bright red color.

The next day, strain out any candies left. Now you can pour the red hot bourbon into small mason jars or apothecary bottles for gifts. Because bourbon is 80 or higher proof, this is now shelf stable.

  • Prep Time: overnight
  • Cook Time: overnight
  • Category: Alcohol

Keywords: fireball, red hot, bourbon, whiskey

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